Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo Donations from Our Last Mission! :0)

I thought it would be fun to post some of the images from the people who donated cards. These are from Sandy in Ohio. How cute! :0)


  1. Sorry I didn't send you any cards this month!!! I haven't been in my craft room for about a month! My brother got sick and hospitalized from end stage alcohol related liver disease. I have been watching him get sicker and sicker for about 2 years. He passed away this month, he was my best friend (outside of my husband). Then last week we had to put our 11 year old dog down. And this week we moved so last week I was packing and this week, unpacking. Let me know what is on the agenda for next month, because I would really like to send you some more cards. And, my friend sent about 20 ink cartridges in your name to the recycling site!!!
    Talk to you soon! Hope you are having a GREAT week!!!

  2. Hi Kristen! I am so sorry to hear about your brother. That is so sad. :0( That brakes my heart. I have brothers as well so my heart just aches for you. Don't worry about not sending cards this month. That should be the last of your thoughts. You need to take care of yourself. I am so sorry that you had to put your doggie down. :0( I can't imagine what you are going through. Know that God will guide you though these times. At times when you feel you have lost all strength and hope, look to Him and he will carry you! I saw the cartridges on the website. I need to move that over to the Compassionate Cards website. Send me a PM and I would love to send her a card. Give me your new address as well please. I am heading out to England tomorrow, back on the 10 of August. Both my grandpa and grandma are not doing well. Hugs and lots of love!!! Julie. XOXO